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CedarVilla Farms



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Woods Family Farm
 Vince Bury

CedarVilla Farms

We are a 7 generation farm from the Zurich area and have been raising Aberdeen Angus cattle for about 100 years. We also have a few pigs and our sausage is from an old favourite recipe.

Our meats are hormone-free and antibiotic-free.

We carry a wide-range of cuts and will also order specialty cuts too.

Eagleson Farms

We are a century family farm located 7 km South of Grand Bend on Mollard Line, near Greenway.

Williamson Farms

We are a family farm operating in our 5th Generation.

We grow our beef without added chemicals or hormones with a mix of hay and corn finished.  This produces a beautifully marbled cut of meat perfect for any meal. Available in call cuts, it is inspected and frozen at  Zehrs Meats in Dashwood, then returned frozen to the farm for sale.  We also offer a selection pork and produce our own Maple Syrup. 

Visiting our farm location,  you can also purchase Farm Fresh Eggs, whole or 1/2 Chickens and many maple treats and more.

We also have a seasonal Corn Maze.

Zelda Woods